A Third Grade Hero

I have had many opportunities in life to throw a lifeline to people who were drowning emotionally. I am very proud of this fact and have received many thanks from most of those whom I have helped. Some, though, paid me back by turning on me like a rabid dog. Most expressed their thanks in … [Read more…]

Favorite Childhood Breakfasts

We had few tables in our small house in Minot, North Dakota.  They had different purposes. We had a kitchen table where we ate our daily meals and a formal dining table where we entertained guests.  And there was one folding table stored in the enclosed back porch during the winter. We didn’t use the back porch … [Read more…]

Stathis Family History

Andy’s Summary of his Parents’ Biographies In 1997, the Greek community in Minot, North Dakota hosted a 60th anniversary of the Greek Orthodox Church they founded in 1937. The organizers asked Andy to write biographies of his parents and his personal memories of his parents’ participation in the parish. But he went further.  He summarized their … [Read more…]